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Luxury, "Deluxe Velvet Forest" Box of 8 | Bonbon Crackers

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Indulgent "Deluxe Velvet Forest" 8-Count Gift Set

Christmas Crackers of the highest calibre, 8 in all (Bon-Bons)

Decorate your Christmas table with these crackers or enjoy them at a festive get-together. This year's crackers come in a velvet green and deep ruby red colour and are adorned with an exquisite gold design and topped with a dark green or dark red velvet bow with gold or red jewels.

In addition to the reusable small torches, wine stoppers, pencils, and bottle openers that are included in the box of eight, they also include a Christmas hat and joke.

13" or 32.5cm in length, and around 6cm in diameter, are the dimensions of each one.

Quick delivery to any part of Australia.

If you're interested in making a large purchase, please contact us directly (more than 12 boxes)