Knitted Christmas Sweater
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Novelty "Knitted Christmas Sweater" Box of 8 | Bonbon Crackers

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Box of 8 Novelty Knitted Christmas Sweaters

Handmade Christmas Crackers in a classic knitted sweater design, with 8 of them in total.

Decorate your Christmas table with these crackers or enjoy them at a festive get-together. Classic Christmas colours of red and white are featured in a classic knitted sweater style and a hessian/soft wool knot is attached to the end of each cracker.

A little Lego-style "build your own toy" is included in each box, along with a hat and a joke. When finished, the toys will have the likenesses of a variety of animals from the zoo (Gorilla, Giraffe, Crocodile, Fox, Bear or Dog). Creating them is a lot of fun for the whole family, especially the little ones (and the young at heart!).

12" or 30cm long, with a diameter of 5cm, each one.

Quick delivery to any part of Australia.

Be quick, as these items tend to sell out quickly.