Novelty, Mr Snowman
Snowman, Mr.
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Novelty, "Mr Snowman", box of 8 | Bonbon Crackers

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Mr. Snowman Novelty, a Set of 8

Mr. Snowman-themed Christmas Crackers (Bon-Bons) are handcrafted and of superior quality. There are eight of each.

These crackers would be a wonderful addition to any Christmas table or gathering. Crackers with a white colour with a Mr. Snowman motif and secondary colours of red and green are nice looking. A red silk knot adorns the end of every cracker.

They come in a box of eight and include a little Lego-style "build your own toy" inside (shown), as well as a hat and joke. When finished, the toys will depict a variety of creatures from the zoo (Gorilla, Giraffe, Crocodile, Fox, Bear or Dog). They're a lot of fun to make and will keep the kids (and the young at heart!) entertained over Christmas lunch.

Their length and diameter are both exactly 12" or 30cm.

Fast delivery to any part of the country.