Luxury, Black Sparkle
Handmade black sparkle
Ultra High Quality Black Sparkle
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Luxury, Black Sparkle - 6 x Handmade, Ultra High Quality | Bonbon Crackers

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6 Beautiful Handmade Christmas crackers/bon-bons of the highest quality.

Decorate your Christmas table with these crackers or enjoy them at a festive get-together. Each cracker has a black and gold foil finish and geometric shape designs on it, making it a fine looking bon bon. One style of cracker has a geometric gold pattern on it, while the other is mostly black with gold accent. Each cracker is adorned with a small gold ornament on a black ribbon.

A six-piece set includes reusable items such as a pen, keyring, notebook, wallet or cardholder (shown) as well as a hat and a joke.

Exactly 13" or 32.5cm long.

Quick delivery to any part of Australia.

***It's important to keep in mind that the crackers you receive may be packaged differently than the one seen above, as we do this to assure their safe arrival and prevent any damage during transit***

Please be aware that these crackers are also available in our bulk/hospitality catering pack, which comes in a box of 36.