Bonbon Crackers

Bulk-buy, DIY, (add your own gift or trinkets), box of 36 | Bonbon Crackers

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DIY box of 36 (add your own gift or trinkets) available in bulk

These classy, white crackers are designed specifically for people wanting to add their own toy or trinket. They can be used for wedding guests or for gender reveals, or of course, for Christmas too. They come with an included joke and hat (which can be removed) and a snap (which is ready-glued into the bonbon for ease of use). You simply need to add your own gift and then tie each end with the silk bow (two silk bows provided for each bonbon in the box).

There is a space on each bonbon so you can write the name of a guest (such as a wedding guest) directly onto the bonbon, or affix a label onto the bonbon too.

Each bonbon is exactly 12" long, and they come in a box of 36