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Can You Have Crackers At Easter?

How About Some Crackers For Easter?

Are Easter Crackers Allowed?

The Christmas tradition is back for your Easter celebrations?! If you think about it, Easter bonbons are perfect for Easter baskets, brunch, and other autumn holidays and get-togethers!


Aren't Crackers Just For Christmas?

At Crackersforbonbons we believe that crackers go beyond Christmas.

It can be used to celebrate anything joyful, be it Easter, Birthday, wedding, Office-parties, and occassions year round.

They can add fun and joy to any celebration.

The word "cracker" is derived from the Middle English "crakken," meaning to break. While Easter Cracker or Easter Bonbons might not have been used to celebrate the festivities, unlike their Christmas counterpart, however, celebration crackers have often been re-imagined by late 19th and early 20th-century manufacturers.

Manufacturers were pretty active in keeping up to date with current affairs and produced ranges of celebration crackers that followed various important events. Such as Votes for women, Charlie Chaplin, coronations, the wireless, and even the battle of Tel el Kebir (in the Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882) were just some of the subjects to get the crackers out to celebrate.


What Is An Easter Cracker?

Easter Crackers are the equivalent of Christmas crackers in Australia. Like any other celebration crackers, Easter Crackers are pulled apart by two people which causes a friction snap to "pop", revealing goodies inside.

Traditionally Christmas crackers were at first invented by London confectioner Tom Smith.

In 1847, he is said to have introduced the joys of the French bonbon, a sugar-almond wrapped in paper with a twist at both ends- to England.

Smith, a keen salesman, added 'love motto' tohis crackers, to boost sales and keep ahead of his competitors.

Later, he enlarged the packaging, replaced the bonbon with a gift and, in 1860, added the exploding 'crack'.

His son, Walter, later introduced the now-obligatory paper hat.


It has also been debated that the first person to sell crackers in Britain was in fact the Italian born London confectioner.

His company, which was established in 1846, a year before Smith's, described itself as "the oldest makers of Christmas crackers in the United Kingdom".


Both companies initially called their creations 'Cosaques', because the crack they made when pulled were reminiscent of the cracking whips of Russian Cossack horsemen.


Origin stories of the cracker vary, with the most popular explanation being that it was invented when Mr. Smith walked past his fireplace and a burning log made some noise.

Some sources claim he spent years trying to perfect a way of making sound. But silver fulminate 'snaps' were already around for decades, and it's more likely that Smith merely found new use for an existing novelty.


How To Make Your Own Easter Crackers?

Easter isn't complete without a few Easter treats, right?

If you always wanted to come up with a unique way to share your chocolate, and always loved opening Christmas crackers, then why not make Easter crackers ?

You can easily do so by using our ready- to- assemble DIY celebration crackers and fill it up with mini eggs from your favourite Chocolatier!


The Easter crackers are super easy to make and kid-friendly too.


Our wholesale celebration crackers would help you put together your own Easter crackers.

What you want to put inside depends on how you would like to celebrate and who your guests are.

But in general you can stuff the Easter Cracker with:


Mini Easter Eggs -

Crackers evolved from treats to notes to trinkets.

Why not change that during Easter?

They can be store bought, or made at home, if time permits.

They can be store-bought or made at home, if time permits. There are some really creative Easter eggs at Target, K-Mart, or even at the supermarket.

You can buy vegan chocolates, limited edition chocolates and even healthy options for the health conscious.


Fun Information Cards Or The Story Of Easter

You can be as creative as you like with this one.

How you create these cards depends on how you view Easter, as a religious festival or a traditional family event.

You can create a few high-quality information cards, it does not even need to be about Easter!

You can write about funny current events, crazy fun facts for kids to laugh at, or it can be a religious card with the story of the miracle of Easter.

The guests can Keep them, trade them, or share them with others!

It's always fun to learn new facts! Each person can get to know more about the origin of Easter or anything really. You can create a few high-quality information cards before popping them in your customise Easter crackers.


Paper crown

- What's a cracker without a paper crown! You can buy them from our wholesale DIY celebration crackers section. They come in different colours and patterns for you to pick.


Slip with a joke & charade

What's a cracker without jokes and charades.

Corny jokes and charades are the perfect way to make your party lively!


Purchasing for a celebration and need them in bulk?

Purchase Celebration Crackers or Easter Crackers in bulk for your school classroom, office party, fundraising, parish mission, backyard party, and diocese!


Choose your ribbons or you can even add pom poms for that extra touch.

Check out our Our DIY section. We've got you covered.


Buying Wholesale Celebration Crackers To Personalise Your Easter Crackers Is Both Budget-Friendly And Fun.

And there you have it— an easy Easter gift idea for you.

Easter crackers would be great as part of your Easter table setting or a fun way for your kids to gift to their friends at school.