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DIY Christmas Bon Bons

Christmas Candies You Can Make Yourself

Have you ever thought about making your own DIY Christmas bon bons? You don’t have to be a crafty person necessarily, or even someone with lots of spare time on your hands. Making your own Christmas crackers can be both a fun way to get into the spirit of Christmas whilst also creating bonding time for siblings and doing the environment a favour too!


For those of you keen to have a crack (pardon the pun!) at making your own Christmas crackers this year, we’ve put together a little guide, below, that you can follow. If you’re stuck for wrapping paper, bonbon snaps, glue, time, or craft skills, you can always browse our store as we have a number of diy bon bons available for purchase, that even a monkey could put together blindfolded!


Making your own Christmas crackers

What you’ll need: three empty toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper, string or ribbon to tie the bonbons, bonbon snaps, glue tape, hat/joke and items to fill your own christmas crackers

  1. To start off you’re going to need some wrapping paper. You can cut up a few bits of different patterned and/or brown paper depending on your preference for the finished look or theme you’re going for. The way you can measure out the size of the wrapping paper you’ll need is to grab three cardboard toilet rolls and then line those up along the paper and then make sure that the paper you plan on using will wrap around those three toilet rolls completely (see pic, below, for an example) 

    step 1 diy christmas bon bons

  2. Purchase some bonbon snaps. You can pick these up from most local craft stores - they’re an essential component in any diy bon bons. While you’re buying the bonbon snaps, get yourself a small roll of glue tape. Glue tape is super easy and perfect for making these bonbons. Next, apply some glue to line up with each of the toilet rolls and then fold the adhesive edge of the wrapping paper over and attach it to the other side of the paper like in the images below.

    step 2 diy bon bons

    step 2-1 xmas bon bons

  3. Next, you’ll need to add a little bit of glue tape to one of the bonbon snaps and then just place it inside the bonbon (as per the images, below), however, don’t press your bon bon snap down to glue it to the inside of the toilet rolls just yet!

    step 3 Homemade Holiday Sweets

    step 3-2 best bon bons

    1. You’re more than halfway to creating your very own DIY christmas bon bons so feel free to take a quick break and have a glass of eggnog or brandy before the next step!
    2. With the bonbon snap inside your diy bon bon you’ll need to slightly pull the cardboard roll from one of the ends out and find where it meets the centre roll and just slightly crease between the two rolls and then gently twist the end around (as seen below).

      step 5 bon bons christmas

    1. Next, you’ll need to get that piece of string or ribbon to tie that in a bow in the section of the bonbon that has just been creased and twisted.

      step 6 DIY Holiday Sweet Treats

  1. You’ll then need to pull out the toilet roll from the end closest to which the glued section of your bon bon snap is, and press the glued bon bon snap down onto the wrapping paper so it stays in place.

Fill your own Christmas crackers

  1. Next, grab the toy, lollies, hat, jokes, or whatever else you were planning to fill your own Christmas crackers with and place these items into the open end of the cracker, making sure you jiggle the cracker a little bit to ensure the items fall into the centre.

    step 8 christmas bon bons with good gifts

  2. Lastly, you’ll need to tie the other end up, so again, just find where the two cardboard rolls meet and make a crease between them and then twist slightly (just like in step 5) and tye your piece of string or ribbon onto the crease to keep the goodies you’ve just put into the crackers safely sealed in.
  3. Finally, remove the last toilet roll, and there you have it…a perfect set of DIY Christmas Crackers.
  • Note: If needs be you can trim the wrapping paper from one of the ends.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, if you are looking for options that will allow you to make your own DIY Christmas Crackers a whole lot easier, (or if you need hundreds of DIY bonbons for a wedding or large event) or you’re just looking for something that allows the kids to actually colour in the bon bon itself, we have plenty of options available on our website.


Whatever option you choose for your Christmas celebrations this year, ie, DIY or buying something pre-bought, we wish you and your loved ones a fantastic celebration.