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Deluxe Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers with All the Fixings

With Christmas being such a special time to connect with loved ones and friends, and given it only comes round once a year, it really is an occasion that many people go all out when trying to make it memorable and impress their guests.


Crackers for Bonbons received numerous enquiries from our customers last year who asked questions like whether we sold bonbons to match their family’s lunch or dinner party’s colour theme and whether the crackers we sold were DIY.

We also received a lot of enquiry from high-end fashion and luxury brands that were looking for something a little boujee to kit out their staff Christmas parties. These enquiries were usually about the type of trinkets and toys that came in the crackers morso than the look of the actual crackers themselves.

The choice of whether or not you decide to spend big on some deluxe Christmas crackers this year, and go for something truly special and conversation-worthy or decide to invest your time and effort into crafting something beautiful is completely up to you, however, from our experience selling deluxe Christmas crackers over the years, we have compiled a list of points you might find helpful if you’re really looking to up your Christmas cracker game this year.


    1. Try and get a read on the ages of your guests before buying

It might seem fairly obvious, but there’s no point in spending an arm and a leg on really deluxe Christmas crackers when the majority of your guests just aren’t going to appreciate them. If you’re planning a Christmas event or party where the majority of attendees are young kids, you might be better off looking at some DIY Christmas crackers that the kids could even make themselves (check out our article on DIY Christmas crackers).


After all, an eight year old getting something like a bottle opener or fancy shot glass as the gift in their deluxe bonbon may not be appropriate (or appreciated) at all, but a DIY Christmas Cracker that’s filled with lollies might be perfect in this case, and might also save you a considerable amount of money.


    1. Plan out your colour theme weeks ahead and match your bonbon to this theme to create maximum visual impact

It’s no secret that some people start planning for their next Christmas event almost as soon as the current year’s Christmas event finishes. Whilst you probably don’t need to spend an entire year planning out your Christmas event, it is worth giving serious thought to a particular colour scheme or theme that you’d like to run with, and purchasing your deluxe bonbons to match that theme as soon as you can. Some people stick with the traditional Christmas colours of red and green, however, in recent years, even black and white, or navy and white and of course the classy silver and white or black and gold have been very popular.


We received many enquiries from people asking whether they could change the bow colour(s) on their bonbons to match their colour theme last year, and that’s why we suggest buying colour appropriate bonbons as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.


If you’re looking to impress those inlaws or make a real visual impact on your guests, nothing says a beautiful Christmas event (and demonstrates the host has an eye for class and elegance), like matching bonbon colour to things like tablecloths, candles, serviettes, flowers and other decorative items.


    1. Don’t be afraid to go DIY, especially if you want to make an impression by personalising the bonbon gifts

Although making your own deluxe Christmas crackers may be the last thing on your mind considering how time poor most people are these days, especially at Christmas time and especially if you’re hosting, making your own crackers can truly create a lasting impression.


The old phrase, “It’s the thought that counts” really holds true if you go down the DIY route, as your guests will no doubt appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, but also, making you own bonbons gives you full control over the type of gifts or trinkets you’re able to place in each bonbon. If you know a thing or two about your guests, with a little thought and effort, it’s not hard to find something to place in the bonbons that the guests will love, and of course, create that personal touch. Going down the DIY route with making your own bonbons also potentially allows you full control over the colour of the ribbon or bow (to better match your Christmas function colour theme).


    1. Look for unique designs and materials to make your deluxe Christmas crackers truly stand out. Think about texture and feel, rather than just visual appeal

If you’re looking for Christmas crackers of distinction, it really pays to do some research into different materials, patterns and designs to really make a great impression. Bonbons come in many different styles and designs as we know, and they can be made with all sorts of material, from embossed crisp white paper, to virgin kraft, to linen, silver foil with glitter, cotton, hessian and more.


To create an impression with your deluxe Christmas crackers, and in addition to matching your Christmas function’s colour scheme, it might be wise to select a set of bonbons made from material that’s different to what people might have expected.


Our white snowflake embossed pattern (below) combines the classy look of crisp white with dark green velvet, in addition to the textural element of an embossed snowflake to combine for a unique look AND feel that will be sure to have your Christmas guests’ tongues wagging.

deluxe christmas crackers


            In conclusion, with some research and planning you can easily find (or create your own!) set of beautiful, deluxe Christmas crackers that are sure to impress your guests.


If you’re looking for any more ideas or inspiration - please don’t hesitate to ask us!