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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Crackers in 2022

The 2022 Crackers Christmas Gift Guide: Everything You Need to Know

If you're looking for the best Christmas crackers that are nothing like the ones you always see, read on.

Christmas is a time for friends, family, and Christmas traditions! Christmas bonbons are a great addition to the Christmas decor and can keep the conversation going longer at the table.


The tradition of cracking open a box of Christmas crackers has been around since the 1800s. The idea was first introduced by an Englishman named Tom Smith, who designed the first Christmas cracker in 1847.


The Victorian Christmas crackers were simply a cardboard tube with a sugary, cinnamon-based filling to an elaborate and colorful German gingerbread house.

They are traditionally used as something to pull at the end of the meal and eat with friends or family members.


Today a typical Christmas cracker contains a small toy or puzzle, which is hidden inside a paper hat or crown. There are many different types of Christmas crackers available today, with a wide variety of uses.

This article will explore the different types of Christmas crackers available and how to pick the best Christmas crackers for your friends and family:


The Different Types of Christmas Bonbons

There are different types of Christmas crackers or Christmas bon bons.

They can be categorized into five different types:

- Standard Crackers: These are the traditional Christmas crackers that are wrapped with a shiny paper. Usually found on the shelves of a supermarket, and are often filled with cheap plastic non-resueable toys and confetti.

Novelty Crackers: These include an assortment of novelty gift items, like toys, board games, gin and other gifts.


- Themed Crackers: These have a specific theme like Christmas tree, snowman, or penguin. You can also have colour theme, for example gold Christmas crackers that would go well with your tableware.


Eco- Friendly Crackers -

Eco-friendly Christmas bon bons are usually handmade.

They have been created using minimal plastic and recycled materials, plus they are filled with gifts that can be used year after year.


Luxury Crackers-

If you really want to treat your guests, with our opulent Christmas crackers then look no further than our range of luxury Christmas Crackers.


Fill your own Crackers or the DIY Christmas Bonbons

If you have some time in hand and would like to be creative this Christmas season with Christmas bon bons, then check the DIY section on our website to create your own Christmas Cracker.


You can use our Christmas cracker snaps to create your very own bon bons, be as creative as possible. You are only limited by your imagination.


How to Choose the Best Christmas Crackers for Your Needs

Choosing the best Christmas crackers for your needs can be a daunting task, especially when you're already busy selecting gifts and getting ready for the festive season. There are many different types to choose from, but some will suit you more than others.


Christmas crackers come in various types, they can be luxurious, family-friendly, or reusable. While the regular Christmas crackers contain a small plastic toy, a joke and a hat, our range of Christmas crackers or bonbons gives you plenty to choose from.


Before you pick the Christmas bonbons - always remember your budget, theme, occassion, the people you are buying for and of course the environment.

If you keep these factors in mind while choosing the 'Best Christmas cracker' for you and your loved ones you can't go wrong.


Our Top Six Best Christmas Crackers From Our Store 2022


Luxury Christmas Crackers


Luxury, Black Sparkle - 6 x Handmade, Ultra High Quality, Bonbon Crackers


These stunning Christmas crackers come in a pack of 6, with each adorning a beautiful black and gold pattern, finished with a gold ornament on a beautiful black ribbon. Filled with reuseable goodies such as a pen, keyring, notebook, wallet or cardholder (shown) as well as a hat and a joke.

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Luxury, Silver Sparkling, Ultra High Quality, Handmade Bonbon

Box of 8


These gorgeous frosty handmade Christmas crackers, comes in a box of 8, in a part smooth, part glitter finish, it is tied with a silk knot.

These bonbons are perfect for a more formal gathering. Filled with high-quality reusable miniatures of reusable goods such as wine pourers, bottle openers, shot glass as well as other fun items such as a hats.


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Luxury Gold Damask pattern,



Box of 6



These opulent gold Christmas crackers are regal enough for any formal/semi-formal Christmas function.

Each cracker contains a high quality miniature such as a reusable kitchen utensil, dice or mirror (pictured). As well as a Christmas hat and joke.


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Family Friendly Christmas Crackers


Novelty Board game

Handmade Bonbons

Box of 8



Tied in blue silk with aeroplane motifs, bright mustard yellow colour and light blue specks, they are a great addition to any Christmas table.

The box comes with a board game, that the whole family can enjoy after they pull open their crackers to take out the dice and the marker that's inside the bonbons.


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Novelty Snowman

Handmade Bonbons

Box of 8



The Mr. Snowman-themed Christmas Crackers (Bon-Bons) are handcrafted and of ultra superior quality.


These Christmas Crackers have a Mr. Snowman motif. A red silk knot adorns the end of every cracker.


Each cracker includes a little Lego-style "build your own toy" inside, as well as a hat and joke.

The toys are miniature zoo animals (Gorilla, Giraffe, Crocodile, Fox, Bear or Dog) and are a lot of fun to make and will keep the kids entertained over Christmas lunch.


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Eco - Friendly


Christmas mistletoe

Handmade Bonbons

Box of 8



Beautiful, eco-friendly, handcrafted Christmas crackers for eight people (Bon-Bons)


This box of Christmas bonbons comes in a classic pattern of pine needles and mistletoes.

These beautiful, eco-friendly, and handcrafted Christmas crackers are tied off at the end with a cotton knot.

Each bonbon is high-quality miniature wooden toys.


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