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Luxury Christmas Crackers, and why they’re a great alternative to regular Christmas crackers

Stylish alternatives to traditional Christmas crackers

Top-Notch Christmas Crackers: A Classy Substitute for the Traditional Variety

Have you ever wondered what makes a luxury Christmas cracker different from a cheap Christmas cracker?

Christmas crackers have always been an important feature at Christmas gatherings but rarely do guests enjoy what's usually inside them.


There is a whole market filled with cheap Christmas crackers with nonreusable trinkets which often get thrown away pretty much as soon as your cracker has been used.


Whether it's the hat that never seems to sit properly or the terrible jokes, it's most people's opinion that the traditional Christmas cracker is a bit of a wasted opportunity and serves little more purpose than to crack open, burn through, and then throw away.


If you are looking to add a touch of luxury to your Christmas season we have a fabulous range of luxury Christmas crackers.

Our deluxe, fun, and reusable Christmas crackers are a great alternative for hosts, looking for something extra special this Christmas.

But it comes with the nagging question, how do you know if luxury Christmas crackers are worth the hype and money?


What is a Luxury Christmas Cracker? And how are they better than the regular Christmas crackers?

Ever wonder why we feel a sense of disappointment when we crack open a Christmas cracker? After all, the crackers are so brilliantly coloured and festive-looking.

We're talking about the cheap, plastic toys that fall on the floor as soon as you pull them out of the paper.

Over the years, these brilliantly colourful and festive-looking packets have become little more than rubbish on the floor, thanks to their cheap, cheap contents.

For decades (and we mean it, decades) people have been shaking them in anticipation of a cheap joke, and an even cheaper toy.

There is a need for fabulous. And this is where Luxury Christmas Bonbons come in.

Our luxury Christmas crackers scream quality.

For example, our Novelty "Knitted Christmas Sweater" which comes in a box of 8 for $ $37.50 sports a ' classic knitted sweater design'. Made keeping the little ones in mind, they are filled with lego styled toy zoo animals that are easy to build and fun to play with.

With our Luxury Christmas crackers, quality and luxury are a given, but we also wanted to make them environmentally friendly. Environmental considerations are one of the main focuses of our brand.

For example, our Luxury and Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers " Shooting Star" comes in a box of 8 for $35.50, has a light brown kraft colour, and a sophisticated shooting star pattern made with silver foil and white ink. Each cracker is filled with either a miniature wooden toy or a piece of cooking equipment, as well as a teddy bear and a joke, thus avoiding single-use plastic gifts.


How To Choose The Right Luxury Christmas Cracker for You


For many families, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without cracking a few crackers.

A luxury Christmas cracker is an essential part of celebrating a Christmas party, whether it be for your child's school Christmas party, Uncle Edward's annual Christmas Eve party, or even just to celebrate with your family and close friends. They evoke feelings of jollity and bring back memories of old traditions, which is exactly why they're so loved and celebrated.

However, there are so many different kinds of luxury Christmas bonbons for you to choose from that can all give you a memorable experience.

But where do you start choosing?


The easiest way to decide is to find what you want, in terms of eco-friendliness, style, theme, and price.


Who you're buying for? Are they for a family gathering with kids or a formal gathering with work colleagues?

Do you want to go green? Would you prefer them to be both luxurious and eco-friendly?


If you have budget restrictions, our luxury Christmas crackers start just at just $15.50, so you don't have to break the bank to get your hands on some really beautiful, eco-friendly crackers.


If you want Luxury Christmas crackers with good gifts, then look no further than our, Luxury"Black Sparkle Box" of 36 bonbon crackers. Priced at $94.50, each cracker is adorned with a small gold ornament on a black ribbon. Containing a quality re-useable toy plus (pen, keyring, notepad, handbag or business card holders and the classic hat and a joke.


If you are after some luxury Christmas crackers for an informal gathering and a mixed age group, then our " Classic Red And green Box" of 8, priced at $38.50 won't disappoint you. In a package of eight, you'll find accessories like pens, shot glasses, bottle openers, and paperweights that are made to be used again and again.


Luxury Christmas Bonbons - The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

It's that time of the year again – the time when gifts are given and some are opened...

The time when you anxiously start searching for the perfect gift to gift your loved ones!

As anyone who has ever shopped for a Christmas present can attest, finding something original and thoughtful can be difficult.

Whether they're hard to shop for or you're just burnt out from all the holiday parties, it always seems like the last thing on your list to do — finding a gift.

While novelty socks are fun, how much more special is a gift if you've had the forethought to consider what will mean the most to your recipients?

The greatest gift you can give someone is a memorable experience --- and there truly is no more memorable experience than cracking open one of our luxury Christmas crackers!


Our luxury Christmas bonbons are more than just a special gift – they're eco-friendly and make great stocking stuffer presents!

We invite everyone who's a little bored with their gift selections or just looking for something different and exciting, to give our luxury Christmas crackers a try!