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Yes, You Can Buy Celebration Bonbons Online And Celebrate Anything

The answer is yes, you can celebrate anything with crackers purchased online (not just Christmas!)

You might have seen our range of Celebration crackers online or searched up Christmas Crackers and found Celebration Crackers to your bafflement.


What are Celebration crackers or celebration bonbons? And how are they different from Christmas crackers?


Crackers are not just for Christmas!

Well, they are not majorly different from our fun Christmas crackers, except it's not Christmas, and you still get to enjoy the fun and laughter that has been associated with Christmas Crackers, pretty much all year round.


Luxury Celebration Bonbons are the perfect gift for any occasion

Think wedding showers, office events, Easter, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, new years or even birthday parties... celebration bonbons can be the show-stopper at every event!

Imagine a baby shower with some of our celebration crackers.

You can DIY this yourself as well. Fill it up with some special goodies for the mum-to-be. You can even have baby shower games using our range of celebration crackers.

Read our blog on how to DIY your crackers, and you can also find a mind-blogging range of wholesale celebration crackers in our DIY section.

You can use them as naughty gifts at hen's parties. For extra fun, you can DIY your personalized cracker, and include whatever you need to rouse a fun game.


DIY Celebration Crackers Ideas For Your Special Event

Sometimes planning a get-together can often seem overwhelming, especially if your guest list hits double digits, and have some hard to please people.

Thankfully, with a little strategic planning throwing a party doesn't have to be a headache. On the contrary, it can be a hugely rewarding experience. Especially when everything manages to go down without a hitch- cheers!

How should you plan a successful event?

Here's our guide to planning a successful event that sparkles-- using Celebration Crackers:


Office/Corporate Event Crackers / BonBons

Create a budget, but don't skimp on the important things that would make the event remarkable.

It's important to set a date in advance and inform your employees as early as possible. This will give you more time to plan, and switch around anything that won't work for the event.

Decide on what type of event it will be--

Deciding on the type of event will take time and consideration. One thing to keep in mind is what time it will take place-- whether it be daytime or evening. If partners are going to be invited, the dress code should also be considered.

Be creative about the celebration crackers. Depending on the type of office party you are hosting, you can have anything from luxury celebration crackers to budget-friendly celebration bonbons to the eco-friendly variety.

You can add jokes, and gifts, or make it a more formal or family-friendly affair, depending on the theme, and the type of the event.


Birthday Party Crackers / BonBons

Birthday Crackers are a great way to celebrate the birthday of a loved one. There are some benefits to using celebration crackers at the party, apart from the obvious reason of it being FUN.

They are inexpensive as well. This means that you can buy them in bulk and save money on each purchase. They also come in a wide variety of styles and decorations so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

This is an easy way to make your party or celebration more festive without having to spend too much money on decorations or food for the event.

Another benefit of using birthday crackers is that they are environmentally friendly. You don't have to use any wrapping paper or ribbons, which means less waste for the environment!

Celebration crackers or celebration bonbons for birthday parties are also really easy to DIY.

Be it a party for primary school kids or your mate's 40th, you can make it anything between cute- nice-naughty, or all there.

A birthday party is an important event in a person's life, and it is not just about the cake and the presents. It is also about celebrating, having fun, and making memories.

And celebration crackers are a perfect way to do that.


Hen's party Crackers / BonBons

Planning a hen's party?

The best celebration crackers or party crackers for hen's party is for to DIY them yourself, as every bride is different, and so are her team of bridesmaids.

Party favour crackers make beautiful fun favour for any hen party. You can DIY the party crackers with personalised texts, luxury satin ribbons, and fill it up with naughty or cute gifts.

You can add a saucy 'truth and dare' question game or you can just keep it simple and add some cute gifts for everyone.


Weddings Celebration Crackers, Engagement Crackers or New Years

Choosing the right wedding crackers for your wedding is not an easy task. It needs careful consideration of factors like the type of wedding, the number of guests, and budget.

It is not advisable to buy expensive wedding crackers because it will cost you a lot. while its hard to personalise or DIY wedding without it being an expensive affair, do check out our wholesale section for some affordable but quality options.

A New Year's Cracker is a small paper tube that has a small toy, or an envelope with a small surprise inside. The tradition of cracking open the cracker and eating the sweet inside dates back to Victorian times. The person who pulls out the prize in the cracker is said to be lucky for the rest of the year.

Again personalise them based on the type of event you are having. If its a small gathering of friends, or an event organised by you or a family affair, you can come up with so many different options.

Our wholesale celebration bonbon range is so massive that you can pretty much find anything that would suit your taste and budget.


Easter Crackers

Demand for Easter crackers has been rising steadily, with people having Christmas style festivities.

DIY Easter Crackers are a fun way to keep the kids -- and those young at heart-- busy over Easter.

Fill it up with Chocolate eggs, games. gifts, jokes or anything your heart fancies and the crowd demands.

To sum it up, celebration crackers add that extra something to the celebrations, whether it is Birthday, New Year or Christmas. They make the celebrations more fun and exciting for everyone.