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Environmentally friendly christmas crackers

Christmas crackers that are easy on the environment

In this day and age it’s becoming increasingly important to reduce our impact on the environment. In terms of what this means in a practical sense when purchasing and using sustainable christmas crackers, there are numerous things to be mindful of.


First and foremost, when looking to purchase eco friendly Christmas crackers one should look to buy from a company that is honest and upfront about their environmental credentials. Furthermore, what are their stated intentions and aspirations when it comes to reducing their environmental impact, and does it look like they even care about reducing their environmental footprint at all? Does the company that you’re looking to buy from have a statement (or similar) on their website, in their store, or on their packaging which outlines what they’re actively doing to reduce waste?


What questions should you ask when looking for sustainable Christmas Crackers?

The following are a number of practical questions you should be thinking of, (or at least ask) of a prospective manufacturer (or retailer) of Christmas bon bons if you’re looking for more sustainable Christmas crackers this year. Are they actively sourcing and using recycled materials to manufacture their products? Are the boxes that their products come in designed to minimise the use of plastic? Do they ship products using carbon neutral shipping providers? Are the gifts contained inside the bonbons designed to be kept and do they have a degree of utility or practicality? Or are they designed to be thrown out on Christmas day? Is the company you’re purchasing from a certified B Corp?


The good news is that eco friendly bon bons (or at least eco friendlier options) are becoming more common. The term “eco friendly” is widely used these days and unfortunately, is often overused, much like how many companies often try and greenwash their products.


In terms of finding truly environmentally friendly Christmas bonbons, once you’ve asked yourself (or the company you’re looking to buy from) the questions we listed earlier, you simply need to ask yourself how much time and effort you want to put into getting some eco bon bons on your Christmas table.


Have you thought about creating your own eco bon bons?

If you have a little more time on your hands or are prepared to go to a little more effort and possibly have a crafty streak, then going the DIY route should definitely be worth considering.


This might involve using existing common household products such as toilet rolls, with wrapping paper, OR using some kind of natural, light fabric, like cotton. The benefit of using fabric is that in most cases, even the cotton hat inside the bonbons and the cotton outer can be washed and reused the following year. The DIY option also comes with the added benefit of being able to demonstrate your crafty credentials to your Christmas party guests, whilst also giving you full control over the trinkets and gifts you decide to put in your bonbons.


As another plus, what better way is there to help get your kids into the spirit of Christmas by getting them involved in making the eco friendly bon bons for your Christmas event? You’ll be teaching them about sustainability while helping them create something pretty neat too!


If you wanted to expand on the environmentally friendly nature of your DIY eco friendly christmas crackers, aside from using materials around the house like toilet rolls to create the shape for the bonbons, you could even replace the usually forgettable trinkets with things like packets of seeds (Christmas is smack bang in the middle of summer and perfect growing weather), or something practical like a sewing kit to help the recipient repair that pair of clothes they were otherwise going to turf out.


Of course, to make things easy if you are going to go down the DIY eco bon bons route, there are a number of kits available that will both help you create your own eco bon bons as well as help you reduce waste. Crackers for bonbons sell a number of different options in various patterns and styles.


A final note on eco friendly bon bons

Whether you decide to go down the path of purchasing ready made eco bon bons after you’ve had a chance to scrutinize the product you’re buying and the business practices of the seller as mentioned above, or create your own eco friendly Christmas crackers the great news is there are now plenty of options available to conscious consumers who wish to reduce their environmental impact.


It simply takes little more effort than just rolling down to your local department store, but your guests (and the planet) will thank you for it.