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We believe it is the responsibility of all business owners to try to reduce the environmental impact of their operation. As a result, we are continually taking steps to ensure our products are as environmentally responsible as possible, and we're in the process of moving towards becoming entirely plastic free in future years.

We ship a significant number of our larger orders via Sendle who are Australia's largest carbon neutral shipping organisation. We have also significantly reduced the use of plastics within our products. This includes the removal of a PET window from several of our cracker boxes and minimising the inclusion of plastic contents in our crackers, instead opting for paper, metal and wooden alternatives in many cases, whilst also using natural materials such as hessian, silk and cotton to tie the crackers.

We also ship most of our smaller orders in home compostable mailing bags, courtesy of our friends at Hero Packaging.

We are just as passionate about the environment as we are about our products and putting smiles on faces at Christmas, hence, we have expanded our Eco Friendly range in 2021.

Our Eco Friendly range of crackers all come with a completely recyclable outer and tie made from home compostable material (silk, cotton or hessian). The toys inside the eco friendly range have either no or extremely low levels of plastic, which may be a reusable mini kitchen utensil or similar, certainly something not to discard immediately.

We are always open and receptive to further ideas and/or suggestions from our customers about how they would like to see a business like ours tackle the challenge of reducing waste, so please drop us a line - if you would like to discuss this in more detail.



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