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Christmas bon bons with Good Gifts

Goody bags filled with Christmas presents

People looking to celebrate Christmas have often been left lamenting the lack of quality gifts and toys in their Christmas bonbons. To compound the problem, the waste often generated by scores of mediocre items going straight to landfill is enough to make people think twice about wanting to buy Christmas bon bons at all.


When looking for Christmas bonbons with good gifts a good place to start is to spend some time looking at the credentials of the company you’re considering buying from. If they have a statement or similar in their physical store or on their website that relates to their efforts to reduce waste or source products from sustainable suppliers, then it’s far more likely to mean you’ll end up with Christmas crackers with good gifts, or at the very least, Christmas bon bons that are less harmful to the planet.


Gold Christmas crackers

Often the term “good gifts” connotes items which are likely to be either reusable and have a degree of value and desirability,  or at the very least, have a degree of utility beyond Christmas Day. These gold Christmas crackers 

Gold Christmas crackers

 that are sold by Crackers for Bonbons, come with a number of reusable, high utility items that are designed to be used and enjoyed well beyond Christmas day. These include things such as screwdriver sets, mini-tape measure, bottle opener, tweezers, and more.


Christmas Crackers Melbourne

If you’re searching for Christmas crackers Melbourne, there’s an overwhelming range of options out there, whether they be in-store or online. To make things easier, you can start by narrowing down both your budget and colour scheme (if you have one), to make searching for Christmas crackers that much easier. Secondly, it’s worth giving some thought to the guests that will be attending your Christmas party or function, ie, are there going to be lots of young kids, or will the function be adults only.


It might sound obvious, but even if you go out of your way and seek out Christmas bon bons with good gifts, and pay top dollar accordingly, you might find that kids will be bitterly disappointed by things like a bottle opener or wine stopper in their Christmas crackers, so it might be worth exploring DIY options where you can even add your own gifts, or have the kids colour in the bonbon exterior so they feel a real part of this Christmas tradition (and also so they have something to do at your Christmas function that keeps them busy and entertained!)


Don’t forget the Christmas cracker snaps!

Christmas cracker snaps are always an integral part of Christmas bonbons - let’s be honest, what’s the point in having Christmas crackers at your Christmas function if they don’t make that fun popping sound when they’re pulled! It’s a Christmas tradition after all!


If, in your quest to get Christmas bon bons on your table or at your function that have great gifts, and you decide to go down the DIY Christmas Crackers route, the good news is that Christmas cracker snaps are both easy to find and cheap, usually sold in packs of one hundred at a time. Just ensure that if you’re making your own Christmas bonbons you use some sort of adhesive to affix the cracker snap in place (or ensure that the kit you buy has already done this for you). No one likes a bonbon with no snap sound, what a buzzkill!


Bon Bon Christmas Cracker, what should I search for?

If your main goal is searching for Christmas crackers with great gifts, the terms (either Christmas crackers or Christmas bon bons) are generally used interchangeably in Australia and either could be used to describe something premium and/or something that contains a really high quality gift.


Another thing to consider is what you’ll need to pay. It goes without saying that you get what you pay for, and so, strolling down to your local supermarket or two dollar shop hoping to pick up some Christmas bon bons with gifts that’ll impress the in-laws is very unlikely to happen.


As a rule of thumb, Christmas crackers with great gifts will likely be on the pricier side. If you can wrap your head around the idea of parting with north of $30 for a box of six or eight crackers, you’ll be well on your way to finding a bon bon with a gift that every guest at your Christmas function is sure to love.


As a parting comment, it’s often the thought that counts, so if you’re looking for bon bons for Christmas with great gifts, that are also likely to make an impression on the guests at your Christmas function, your time will be best spent in understanding what your guests actually like before you trot off to the store or browse Google to find something.


It might be that going down the DIY route and purchasing some small, locally produced, high quality item is far better received by your guests and has a higher degree of meaning to them, rather than some generic product that ends up in the bin after Christmas lunch.