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Wedding Crackers --The Best Way To Make Your Wedding Memorable

The Most Fun You Can Have at Your Own Wedding Is With Wedding Crackers

Wedding crackers or Favour Crackers are usually small tubes filled with confetti and a small amount of explosive. It is traditionally used to celebrate weddings and other special occasions.


The celebration crackers are usually placed on the tables at the reception so that guests can take them up to the dance floor and pull them apart to release the confetti.


Wedding Crackers are a great way to add some humor and entertainment to the event. They are an excellent way to break the ice, get everyone's attention, and start your celebration with a bang.


Wedding Crackers are versatile- they can be designed to complement both your theme and color scheme.

Wedding Crackers serve a dual purpose at weddings- providing gifts for your guests and can also be used as a place setting, as you can add a name card to the crackers.

You can have them placed on a table for their meals, or put them up in beautiful baskets for guests to pick them up at a buffet-style wedding reception.


How to Choose the Best Wedding Crackers for Your Event

Finding the best wedding crackers or wedding favors for your big day can be a minefield.

Bride-to-be doesn't want to purchase bulk wedding favors only for them to simply lay unopened and overlooked by the guests.


We have all been to wedding receptions where we remember the bride's wedding dress, the delicious food, and even the beautiful venue but we often overlook the wedding favors or the wedding crackers.


So they need to make an impact to not get overlooked. They need to be as stunning as everything else and be more engaging than the regular wedding crackers and favors.


At crackersforbonbons, we have a whole section dedicated to wedding crackers and wedding cracker favors. From simple to bespoke wedding crackers to DIYs, we have you covered.


Here are a few tips and reasons for choosing celebration crackers for your wedding favors on your big day:


Personalise Your wedding Crackers:

Every bride and every wedding is different. So your wedding crackers should be as unique and original and tailored to you as your dress, venue, decor, music, flowers, and colour theme is on your big day.

You can show your creativity and personality through your wedding crackers.


At Crackersforbonbons we stock wholesale wedding crackers so you can easily personalise your wedding cracker favours for your big day.

You can pick the colour of your celebration crackers to match your theme, and the ribbons too can fit in with your chosen theme. You can also personalize and label them with their name, wedding date, etc.


Suits any budget, taste, and style :

Making your wedding cracker favors is a great way to save money and have more control over the design.

Wedding Crackers from Crackersforbonbons come in a wide range of sizing and prices.


You can fill them up with gifts that can vary from easy on the pocket to maybe some more extravagant treats of alcohol or perfume.


If you are running short on time and would prefer ready-to-use Wedding Crackers, you can choose from our vast selection of ready-to-use wedding crackers that are already filled with gift items.


Start your celebrations with a bang

You've just gone through months of planning, decorating, and last-minute fixes. You can finally see the end in sight and the day of your celebration is here. You have one thing left to do: start the party! But how? Kick off your celebration with a bang! Use Wedding crackers to break the ice and get guests interacting with each other.


Add some humour

The jokes inside the wedding crackers are a fun way for your guests to get through the whole day with a smile on their faces.


You can find some great wedding jokes online or you can write some of your own with some inside family jokes.


You can also add some fun quizzes about you and your partner for the guests-- with questions such as where did you meet, who is the more mature one, who signs better etc.


You can also add some paper hats with funny jokes written on the hat.

Your only limit is your imagination.


Design And Impact

You can choose the gifts inside to ensure that they suit your guests.

The gifts inside can be chosen based on your guest list so that your teetotal aunt does not receive a bottle of vodka or your health-conscious friend doesn't receive a box of chocolates.

You can fill them up with handmade ornaments, silver gifts, pens, perfumes, etc.

Or you can even surprise your guests with a variety of gifts ranging from clothing to alcohol.


Couples with a lot of guests on their guest lists and who would like to make a big impact can easily affordable do so with a massive wholesale cracker range.


You can be unique, and original

Most weddings don't have personalised wedding crackers.

Traditionally guests receive a small bag or box containing a few sugared treats and some cards with blessings on them.

If you desire to stand out then wedding crackers fit the bill.


At crackersforbonbons we work with couples, event venues, and wedding organizers. We can look after the packaging, the jokes, gifts, artwork and more.

This ensures the originality and personality of the wedding crackers are maintained and personalised to perfection.


Let crackersforbonbons help you make your big day extra special with personalised wedding or Bridal shower crackers.


If you have any questions please get in touch. We are always ready to help.