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What Is A Gin Christmas Cracker, And Why Are They So Popular?

How Did Gin Christmas Crackers Get So Famous?

The Legendary Gin Christmas Cracker: What Is It and Why Is It So Well-Liked?

One of the best Christmas traditions is Christmas Crackers. The pull-and-pop, the miniature toy or game, the paper hat —- the terrible dad jokes that kids love to hate--- it won't be the same without Christmas crackers.

And how do we improve on this tradition? Well, we add Gin to it.

Behold the Gin Christmas Cracker. A great idea for all the Gin lovers this silly season.


So What Are Gin Bonbons?

Imagine pulling open a Christmas Cracker, and instead of finding a cheap plastic toy, you find a delicious dram, an awful dad joke, and a party hat!

Not only does it make a wonderful gift for yourself, but also a delicious gift for the Gin lovers in your life.


Want to DIY the best Gin Christmas Bonbons this Festive season?

If your family loves fighting over who will win the annual Christmas cracker tug of war, then make their fight more worthwhile by gifting them some of the best Christmas bonbons handmade by you.

You can stuff it with gifts they would like to receive, such as Gin, perfume, and cosmetics. These Xmas bonbons will make a great stocking filler or even a showstopper gift.


So if you would like to DIY your own luxury Gin Christmas bonbons here are a few tips :


So here you go :

  • Before you start, pick a color or a theme. Say you want white bonbons that would go with your tableware or you want to try out different alcoholic beverages. For this article, I will just use Gin. You can replace it with whiskey, rum, bourbons, or anything that picks your fancy.
  • Choose the right wrapping paper for your Christmas Crackers. You can decide this based on the colour theme. So if you want white bonbon maybe you can pick out white or metallic wrapping paper. Our DIY section has a massive amount of DIY bonbons for you to pick from, so I am sure you will find something that will suit you.
  • Our DIY Xmas crackers have large, roomy barrels ready for you to drop in special treats for your guests. One side is left open, so just close them up once they're full and you're good to go. While there's no gift included, they do come with a hat, snap, and a joke already. Meaning you will not be spending hours sourcing DIY materials for your handmade Xmas bonbons.
  • Stuff it with a tasty gin tipple, shot glasses, paper hat, and a terrible joke, and BOOM! Your luxury Gin Xmas Crackers are ready.
  • And don't forget to add the Christmas snap for the "bang" when you pull it open.


Handmade Christmas crackers are a unique handmade gift idea and the best part is, that they don't add clutter to the home!


The Gin for your DIY Gin Christmas Crackers

Almost every bottle shop online has Gin miniatures for you to pick from. So if you are not sure about which Gin to pop in your crackers, here are some suggestions:


Gin Miniatures from


Bottle Club

In their words their Gin miniatures

" might be small, but all those brands you know and love are still delivering on the same high quality you're used to. Browse through the classic Hendrick's Dry Gin, those adventurous Whitley Neill flavours, and the berry-filled Gordon's Pink Gin.

Whether you're looking to find your new flavour or just fancy a one-off gin without the added waste, buying a mini online is the ideal way to choose small without compromising on taste."


Little things Gin

They sell " Hand-crafted Australian gin, made by gin lovers."

And claim that they are "passionate about producing gins that are quintessentially Australian; gins that capture the essence of this sunburnt country."

You can pick from the big brands or boutique Australian brands, the choice is yours.


Christmas Crackers and Gin - Perfect Together!

After last year's disappointing Covid restrictions, we can finally get our family back together for a proper celebration this year.

Missing out on all the fun in 2021 also gives us the perfect excuse to go big this year - with dinners, gifts, and of course Christmas crackers.

After all, the biggest takeaway from the pandemic was how important our families are to us.

So personalizing gifts is a great way to show how much we care for them.

Giving something that your guests will like while making a switch to fill-your-own crackers will get you brownie points with your loved ones and also makes it environment-friendly as both the bottles and outer wrap are both recyclable.