Luxury Nordic Star
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Luxury, "Nordic Star" Box of 8 | Bonbon Crackers

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High-End, Eight-Pack of "Nordic Star" Chocolates

Christmas Crackers of the highest calibre, 8 in all (Bon-Bons)

Decorate your Christmas table with these crackers or enjoy them at a festive get-together. A dark blue colour with gold and silver star embellishments, as well as a white reindeer silhouette, give these crackers an elegant appearance. A pristine, white silk grosgrain (textured) ribbon completes the look.

In addition we include high reusable quality gifts such as a little make-up mirror, nail clippers, name tags, and of course the traditional Christmas hat.

Each one is 12" (30cm) in length and 5cm in width.

Quick delivery to any part of Australia.

If you're interested in making a large purchase, please contact us directly (more than 12 boxes)